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#Rp from @blackvoices A 4-year-old from Chicago put his toys aside on Saturday and spent his time reading 100 books. 
Caleb Green’s parents livestreamed their son’s reading marathon on Facebook as he read each book aloud. Each time he finished a set of 10 books, he celebrated with a dance. 
Caleb’s dad, Sylus Green, told ABC affiliate WLS-TV that when he learned about his son’s goal, his “gut reaction [was] to talk him down a little bit but he was like, ‘No, I want to read 100.’”
The family stocked up on books from their own collection as well as from friends’ bookshelves.
“I like to read and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb told the local outlet.
Green told HuffPost it took a total of nine hours for Caleb to finish, including a few breaks in between. Nearly 4,000 viewers tuned in to watch his marathon. “We were proud,” Green said. “We are used to Caleb setting goals, but it’s always the ultimate feeling to see the look in your child’s eye when they achieve what they set out to do.” Story by@_tarynitup! #kingnahh

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