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I am one of those people who never finishes reading a self-help book or a biography but buys them whenever I am going through one of those low moments. I cannot remember when I started following Arese on Instagram but I think I clicked on her profile from a post Nimi Akinkugbe put up. Arese’s “The Smart Money Woman” book launch/tour flooded my IG timeline frequently but I thought it was another self-help book and that thought brought back memories of how I struggled to complete “Rich Dad Poor Dad” while in University . I am one of those people who pride myself in saving before spending so when my friend Bukola handed over Arese’s book to me as a late birthday gift, I was wondering what more can I learn.

Smart Money Woman Author: Arese Agwu

Smart Money Woman Author: Arese Ugwu

My learning started from the acknowledgement – Arese’s mother ensured she traced all her expenses every term as a way of driving financial discipline. It is a self-help book but with a story that does not make it look like a self-help book. I would called it an unconventional self-help book about 4 friends with Zuri being the main character and her journey to financial freedom. I learnt about lifestyle choices that could make me easily broke and emotional down.

The book which I finished reading in about 3 – 4hours has 12 chapters and at the end of each chapter, there is a smart women lesson that explains your everyday financial terminologies and behaviors in the simplest of form. “ The way you manage N10, is the same way you will manage ten million”; “Broke people and rich people approach the same amount differently”;

“Financial freedom is when passive income exceeds your expense”

You have to read the book to understand what passive income means. After each lesson, there are also exercises aimed at making the book very practical to our personal lives.

As earlier mentioned, I save before I spend but do I really know where the remaining money goes? What is my biggest spend? According to the book, if you really want to know a person look at their bank statement – does your statement show you are a shopaholic, an alcoholic, a foodie, a Traveler?  When you borrow money is it aimed at acquiring an asset that will appreciate or an asset that will depreciate? Do you have an emergency fund? How will your personal goal translate into financial growth? Do you understand the relationship between intimacy and money? Should you tone down your financial success to get a man?  Should a couple with two different ideas about money have a joint account for everything?

The thought-provoking questions are the reasons why I would recommend Arese’s book to everyone irrespective of gender and age. Let’s all be a Smart Money Woman – “A woman whose hustle has a purpose and has learnt to make money, keep money and grow money. She is the sort of woman we are all capable of becoming”


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When Asake-Okin posted on Instagram that she would be reading ‘The Smart Money Woman’ by Arese Ugwu, I knew that she had to give us the scoop on whether it is really worth the hype. Asake-Okin, your stamp of approval on the book means a lot. I can not wait to get my hand on it. Last week, we posted an article on financial literacy. In 2017, we should definitely dedicate a month to writing about how we should be Smart Money Women. Your thoughts?-Lerato


7 thoughts on “Be a Smart Money Woman

  1. Tatenda Chingore says:

    Nice..just a snippet within this post makes me want to find this book. It’s encouraging that we are motivating each other to be woman of substance all round. Looking out for this book. it’s now on my to read list.

  2. AuntyWura says:

    I am all about using your brain when it comes to finances and I have just read this book,aunty Arese finished it!!
    I am walking into 2017 a smart money baby geh!

    Thanks for reviewing Asake,we women need to move forward together!

    • blv_admin says:

      We are glad to know that AuntyWura. Financial literacy is an important aspect in our lives and getting different points of view to improving it is essential. Power to us women-Lerato

  3. Omodara Adediran says:

    Oh great, this is a simple and nice review.. I’ve seen the book online, but I was weary of the hype that surrounded it.. Now that I know someone I respect enjoyed it, pretty much gives it a column on my never ending reading list..

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