Written on Women’s Day-9th August

As the sun comes to an end on this momentous day I can’t help but feel deeply fueled with the fire to make a significant contribution to the social, racial, and economic freedom. A woman, a feminist at that, days like these are a reminder of the journey still ahead to complete freedom for females across the continent of Africa. Sixty years ago on this day over 20000 African Queens united in solidarity to march to the Union buildings in a protest against a law that intended to segregate them. A voyage to the Union Buildings in South Africa to fight against the regulation of a law that required them to carry a “pass” where ever they went…an exclusion tactic for Black women to be secluded, isolated and discriminated against.

Today, we celebrate women’s day in South Africa, symbolic of the efforts of all those women who fleshed out the way for us to lead lives filled with opportunity, culture, and the appreciation of our differences. We appreciate you phenomenal woman in all your glory and despair, in all your thickness and curves; your successes and failures!!!

“This document (dom-pass) that labels you a third class citizen…take it, and burn it” – [Winnie: the movie]


As a tribute to Women’s Day, and to all of you phenomenal women, may you be reminded of your Strength by this Maya Angelou classic and a read of the 3rd issue of Sibahle Women’s Network magazine: An issue which pays tribute to remarkable females; for you are beautiful, you are Bold you are a Super Power!!!

Sibahle Women’s network magazine: https://issuu.com/sibahleafrica/docs/sibahle_magazine_the_queens_issue


”You need no permission to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and make your mark. “ Images courtesy of @everydaypeoplestories

By Nwamara Obiike

Thanks to all our readers for the support we have been getting with the Women’s Month series and thanks to Nwamara for calling out the Queens out there! Nwamara, I see you! -Lee


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