Letter to my daughter

“Beautiful girl you can do hard things”

On Identity.

You are beautiful, I will tell you this as often as possible because the world will often tell you otherwise, so it is important that I ensure that I am one step ahead of them. It is only fitting that the treasures you carry within you are packaged immaculately. It is important that you do not reduce beauty to one’s physical appearance as you would have cheapened what I have found as one of God’s most remarkable traits, how He has left a piece of Himself in many things. Fall in-love with yourself dear child, cut your hair and then grown it long but love yourself all the same. When you are eighteen you can wear makeup if you choose to but you will stop wearing makeup if you ever believe that you need it to look beautiful. Fall in-love with all your detail, spend time with the things that people will give names, such as “your quirks”, it is these things that make you who you are. In your journey of loving yourself be sure to not make yourself the centre of the universe, may humility be the diamonds on your crown.

On Life.

Dream, let no-one measure your dreams bigger than that heart of yours, you are colossal beautiful girl, so always choose courage and never settle in the cocoon of comfort. Being Black and a woman people will often have stereotypes that they try and impose on you, pay them no attention and break every box they want you to live in, some eyes will always see you in part and not fully, this has nothing to do with you. Look to the sky often, look at how vast it is and remember that you are blessed, not of your own doing, so it is my hope that you find what you are most passionate about and in the pursuit of this you build a ladder that others can climb. I recently read a very powerful quote that stated that not all things are about happiness but some of the “monumental moments” in our lives are about wholeness, this is what the hard days teach us, they build character. Lastly see everyone, say hi and thank you and try address people by name.

On Love.

Love anything and there is a possibility that it will break your heart. I am yet to meet the love of my life but I have encountered love and it is fascinating. I hope you meet someone who will look at you each day and thank the heavens for your existence. I hope for you the kind of love that reaches into your soul and calls your scars beautiful, that challenges you to do and be better, that on the bad days brings you breakfast in bed. I wish you the kind of love that makes you nervous, even after years it still is a beautiful surprise. I wish you are loved this way and that you love this way and even deeper, but know this, no-one will ever love you as much as your mother will one-day in the distant future when I give birth to you.

By: Ijangolet Ogwang

Ijangolet Ogwang is bullish on Africa. She is most passionate about complexities and the opportunities hidden on the continent. When she isn’t writing, she is reading books from multi-faceted disciplines. She is passionate about how entrepreneurship can be used as a tool for economic growth, catalyzing the idea that business must be used as a tool for doing good and social impact. She is a Finance professional, understanding the stories numbers tell by day and crafting stories by night.
Very fitting as we celebrated Women’s day yesterday. With our experiences as women, our mistakes as well as our triumphs, we have the mandate to write our stories and keep them for the next generation of young ladies to learn from. – Lee

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