The selfish son

Does it not worry you?

Look around you.
Crime, unemployment, poverty, corruption have become our norm.
We laugh with our blue cheese and croissants in hand as our Trevor Noahs water down struggles faced by the ordinary South African.
Does it not worry you that the land of your forefathers, the ones who fertilised it with their blood so that it would be fertile ground when you came along, is now being eroded by the people who are meant to be our fathers.
Those meant to guard us.

That our now wrinkled South Africa does not exert the beauty that comes with the coming of age.
Instead, she is still taking lashes and showing scars of corruption, abuse,of rape, of murder.
This isn’t just about the problems that face this glorious land that our ancestors worshipped.
Its about our lack of knowledge concerning what they did.
Our deafening silence.
About our disengagement from the fact that people paid so we could be free.

Its about the blind eye we have chosen to turn to the things that we are meant to be fighting for.
Our lack of love for our brothers.
Running to uncle Chan when Nigeria is able to lend a helping hand.
Its about our arrogance.
Our ignorance.
South Africa’s big head. Thinking that we are better.We better,watch out.

For, the rest of our brothers aren’t down for a long time.
They’re rising up, raising their fists and will soon force us to recognise.
That they too want to contribute in writing Africa’s beautiful story.

By Frank(ie) Talk

Frank(ie) Talk is a Development Finance Masters student at the University of Cape Town. When she is not making bracelets at Relate, you’ll find her at some coffee shop in Cape Town reading or theorizing about the World.
Frank(ie) Talk comes from a place of frustration particularly with the recent events surrounding the protests in Zimbabwe under the banner #thisflag. The silence from surrounding countries especially South Africa is deafening and this is a call for us to start engaging with our continent. No man is an island.-Lee

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