Why they read

Inspired by this new series written by Bookenies. Check out her blog.
Why do you read?


Hello lovers. Every Tuesday we will be having the new tag of “Why They Read?” This is for the people who always wondering why am so into reading books. Tuesdays will be days we meet people who read. “Why they read” will feature all people who  have changed their lifestyle through reading, who believe in reading and would advice you to read everyday to reach the success they have encountered, the success you want.

Dr. Ben Carson: an international neurosurgeon, Yale University graduate and 2016 US presidential candidate. Ben Carson was the head director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery at John’s Hopkins University in 1984, when he was 33 years old. In 1987, Carson earned worldwide recognition when he led a team that performed the first successful separation of twins. Benjamin and Patrick Binder, who were joined at the head from their birth were saved and separated by Dr Ben Carson. That was…

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