Lessons from Nairobi

The city is alive, alive in a ” I jumped out of the bed this morning” and grabbed life with both hands knowing very well that I would wrestle it this evening to ensure it sustains me another day.

The visit was initially meant only to broaden my intellectual horizon and my capacity as a leader but I find myself appreciating life and humanity a bit more. Yes my mind has been expanded by perspectives so diverse, I carry rainbows of thoughts in my mind regarding this Africa we call home, the resilience of her economies and people.

As a leader I have come to believe that leadership is not a science but an art. The art of finding your “true-north”, living it relentlessly and perhaps being privileged to unlock the melodies in those around you, the melodies in us all, that nudge us towards a deep seated desire to live in the rhythms of who we truly are and maybe just maybe be lucky enough to add value to humanity.

It is the art of experiencing life, interactions as though for the first time. Suspending judgement and allowing oneself to continuously learn. Learn from everything and everyone, notice that which others choose to ignore.

But beyond this I saw humanity at its strongest, walking the market challenged by some of the greatest negotiators and “salesmen” the world will never know. I saw entrepreneurs that succeed with minimum resources, not constrained by “blue ocean” strategies, so perhaps success in such fields does not hold a single narrative.

Nairobi,  ” life has become a series of interesting guesses”. A friend made here explained this idea to me: A gift is something valuable that we do not expect to receive and that we do not deserve and this adds to its value, does it not stand to reason that we should view every moment of life in this very same way.

By: Ijangolet Ogwang

Ijangolet Ogwang is bullish on Africa. She is most passionate about complexities and the opportunities hidden on the continent. When she isn’t writing, she is reading books from multi-faceted disciplines. She is passionate about how entrepreneurship can be used as a tool for economic growth, catalyzing the idea that business must be used as a tool for doing good and social impact. She is a Finance professional, understanding the stories numbers tell by day and crafting stories by night.

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