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With tomorrow (April 23rd) being World Book Day, it is important to appreciate the power of books. Great post from Deetales! – Lee


Yes I said it, read books.
No this isn’t my original post, but it’s an article I would like ya’ll to read it more than once. And let it stick to your head and practise it.

What is the most important skill you need?
If you want to be successful, you’ll need many specialised business skills, but probably the most important one will surprise you: it’s the capacity to READ! Yes, READ!
You must develop the capacity to read, and to read FAST, and by this I don’t mean basic literacy. This is why I talk of “capacity.” If you’re on this platform, you’re someone who has more than basic literacy skills. You are the next generation of leaders.
I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “(Great) leaders are readers.”
You must have the capacity to read a lot, if you want to be successful. All the greatest leaders I’ve…

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