The scent of freedom – why I wrote the book

Why I wrote the book:

I wrote the book to help other young women find liberation from the chains that bind them and hinder them from making positive progress towards their destiny and personal goals, such as the past, failures, oppression and negativity.

I have since learnt that whilst life does indeed have unfavourable circumstances often times our limitations are mainly self- imposed. We go through life, picking up disappointments that we never quite deal with fully, and mistakes we overlook to forgive ourselves for. No matter how much people believe in us, if we lack confidence in ourselves we will always be a victim of low self-esteem and we will never go for the joys and happiness we rightfully deserve. We will continually blame ourselves for the messes we will find ourselves in and fail to move forward positively.

In the debut memoir ‘The Scent of Freedom: Rest in You’, which deals with issues that apply across all genders and generations, I transparently share my failures and triumphs, life realities and startling insights about how a life can be broken, moulded, realigned and positioned for great significance in order to encourage others to break free from the chains that hinder them from living out their full potential and reaching for their destiny.

Lastly, I wrote the book to leave a legacy as I believe that a book (anything recorded in writing really) outlives the author beyond their time. Whilst everyone has a unique mix of experiences in their life, there is nothing really new under the sun! If I can live a small bit of what I have learnt so far then those coming after me do not necessarily have to learn everything from the start always!


Thuli Dube is a Chartered Accountant, Author and Publishing Consultant, who finds her therapy, healing and release in writing. She has a heart for young people, with a special focus towards young women and a passion for youth education and empowerment. Thuli is keen to bring life transformation to her audience by assisting with their transition process into becoming whole and restored individuals. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she relocated to the UK in 2015.

She believes in living a purpose driven life and making an impact on her immediate community. She aspires to enable individuals to fully realise what they were created to accomplish.

She also assists other budding authors with tools and skills to publish their manuscripts and distribute them globally.

-Thuli is another of our writers in the club. For those interested, The Scent of Freedom is available on (Paperback and Kindle Version). For those in Zimbabwe, you can also purchase your copy at Wholeness Incorporated or Jabula (NLCC) Offices. I am also proud to announce that Thuli has been nominated for  Author of the Year for the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards  (ZIWA). We are so proud of you! Voting is now open. Please support her! – Lee


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