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BLV Book Club

A group of young ladies thirsty for knowledge and passionate about Africa.


For me joining the book club was really about taking one for the team. I felt bad for my ladies and thought they could do with my awesomeness!! I joke.

I joined this amazing group of ladies so that I can expand my genres of preference and to get to know other book-loving people. Through our discussions and articles, I have been challenged to engage more intently with the books that we read and to think through what they mean in my own life.

Sandisiwe Eletu Yengeni


I joined the BLV Book Club to be able to interact with fellow young women who have Africa (and it’s advancement), other women, personal development and growth on their agenda. Lerato invited me to join in on one of the skype calls (the first of many 🙂 ) and I was both motivated and challenged by listening to these great minds exchange knowledge and new ideas stemming from their experiences as well as that gained from reading. During my time in this group, I have been stretched to read books outside my usual genre and have learnt so much about other cultures and societies in the process. BLV – another level altogether!!!!

Thuli Dube